Tube Drilling

Welcome To Bending Square Tube

When it comes to tube bending and manipulation, we are the team you can always rely on for the ultimate in accuracy, strength, and great service. Located in the West Midlands, we are able to provide our services to all UK clients with speedy delivery, ensuring that you are not left without the vital components you need for your project or your business. We have become known as one of the country's leading tube manipulation companies and pride ourselves on upholding this reputation with consistent high quality work for all our clients.

We regularly manipulate and bend tubes for a wide variety of different industries. Our strong and durable tubes are regularly used in the fabrication of furniture and shop fittings, the automotive industry, the construction sector, and many more. Whatever your requirements, you can always be certain that we will fulfil them with our combination of state of the art equipment, extensive experience, and dedication to excellent work.

The tubes are available in many different shapes. We specialise in bending square tube products as well as round and elliptical ones, handling even the most challenging tube bending tasks with accuracy and professionalism. We understand how to bend tubes without ever compromising on their strength and durability.

Alongside bending the tubes, we can also alter them in various different ways to ensure they are ready to use in your project. We carry out tube drilling that ensures absolute accuracy without altering the shape of the tube in any way. We provide tube reduction and expansion to ensure tubes are the perfect size to slot together seamlessly. Tube swaging is used to successfully alter the shape of the tube, while tube ring rolling produces curved components. We also provide welded fabrication, providing you with professionally finished, completed products rather than singular components.

From bending tubes to reducing, expanding, ring rolling and tube swaging, we are able to provide the widest possible range of tube manipulation services to ensure you get tubes that are perfect for your individual needs. Whether you're making a one off order or need us to be your regular supplier, we can offer the ideal service to suit you. No task is too large or small for our versatile team. Just get in touch if you would like to learn more about the various different services we are able to offer you.