Tube Drilling


We are renowned for offering a wide variety of different tube bending and manipulation services, covering the specific needs of all our clients regardless of their requirements or their industry. From bending square tube to ring rolling, expansion and reduction, we can provide tubes which have been altered to suit the exact specifications of your project, meaning that you don't have to settle for tubes which don't match your needs exactly.

We use state of the art machinery to carry out our work, which means we are able to fulfil all orders no matter how large or small. Our highly trained and experienced technicians pay close attention to every detail to ensure the most professional, accurate and precise results. Regardless of the type of tube manipulation being carried out, you can always rest assured that the strength and structure of the tube will never be compromised.

The tubes are available in many different materials, each of which has its own unique qualities which makes it suitable for use in various industries. We offer tubes constructed from titanium, copper, brass, and food grade stainless steel, meaning we are able to cover the needs of a wide range of different clients. They are also available in various shapes, including round, square and elliptical. Bending square tube can be particularly challenging, but you can be certain we are well equipped to take on the job and complete it to the highest standards.

Tubes can be adapted in a number of different ways to suit your unique requirements. We carry out tube swaging to alter the internal structure of a tube. Our tube drilling service places holes in the tubes at the exact points required, without altering its shape or size. Tube expansion and reduction alters the size of the tube's end, allowing them to be fit together tightly and seamlessly, something which is particularly vital in applications such as medical equipment and heating systems. We also carry out welded fabrication to securely fix tubes together and produce professionally completed components. These are just a few of the various different tube manipulation services we can offer to all our clients.

Not only do we provide the highest standards of work; we also pride ourselves on offering outstanding service to our clients. Whether you are based in the UK or overseas, we will deliver your components to you quickly so your project is not delayed. We are happy to provide one-off components or regularly supply you with tubes, depending on your individual requirements.